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Alphaviruses are small spherical positive sense, single-stranded RNA viruses that cause a number of human and animal diseases. Transmitted primarily through mosquitoes, alphaviruses can cause arthritic diseases and encephalitis in both humans and animals. Alphavirus members include chikungunya, Western equine encephalitis, Eastern equine encephalitis and Mayaro virus. Alphavirus E1 and E2 proteins control viral entry into host cells.


DiseaseCat. No.Product Specification
Chikungunya virusANT6616Request Info
Chikungunya virus ANT6617Request Info
Eastern equine encephalitisANT6620Request Info
Mayaro virusANT6621Request Info
Venezuelan equine encephalitis ANT6619Request Info
Western equine encephalitis ANT6618Request Info


DiseaseCat. No.Product Specification
Chikungunya virusINC6676Request Info
Chikungunya virusINC6677Request Info
Chikungunya virusINC6678Request Info
Chikungunya virusINC6679Request Info
Chikungunya virusINC6680Request Info
Eastern equine encephalitisINC6682
Western equine encephalitis INC6681