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The flaviviruses are a family of positive, single-stranded, enveloped RNA viruses that cause widespread morbidity and mortality throughout the world. Some of the mosquito-transmitted viruses include yellow fever, dengue fever, Japanese encephalitis, West Nile viruses and Zika virus. Zika has spread to 25 countries and territories since 2015. Today, severe dengue affects most Asian and Latin American countries and has become a leading cause of hospitalization and death among children and adults in these regions.


DiseaseCat. No. Product Specifications
Dengue virusINB5104Request Info
Dengue virusINB5105Request Info
Dengue virusINB5119Request Info
Dengue virusINB5121Request Info
Dengue virusINB5122Request Info
Dengue virusINB5313Request Info
Dengue virusINB5351Request Info
Dengue virusINB5402Request Info
Dengue virusINB5404Request Info
Dengue virusINB5405Request Info
Dengue virusINB5406Request Info
Dengue virusINB5418Request Info
Dengue virusINB5451Request Info
Dengue virusINB5453Request Info
Dengue virusINB5458Request Info
Dengue virusINB5515Request Info
Dengue virusINB5517Request Info
Dengue virusINB5522Request Info
Dengue virusINB5548Request Info
Dengue virusINB5551Request Info
Dengue virusINB5561Request Info
Dengue virusINB5651Request Info
Dengue virusINB5101Request Info
Dengue virusINB5281Request Info
Dengue virusINC5510Request Info
Dengue virusINC5511Request Info
Dengue virusINC5512Request Info
Dengue virusINC5513Request Info
Dengue virusINC5514Request Info
FlavivirusINC5522Request Info
Zika virusINB9162
Zika virusINC5527Request Info
Zika virusINC5528Request Info
Zika virusINC5529Request Info
Zika virusINC5530Request Info
Zika virusINC5531Request Info
Zika virusINC5532Request Info
Zika virusINC5533Request Info


DiseaseCat. No. Product Specifications
Dengue virusANT3364Request Info
Dengue virusANT3366Request Info
Dengue virusANT3368Request Info
Dengue virusANT3369Request Info
Dengue virusANT3370Request Info
Dengue virusANT3371Request Info
Dengue virusANT3372Request Info
Dengue virusANT3373Request Info
Yellow fever virusANT3380Request Info
Zika virusANT3374Request Info
Zika virusANT3375Request Info
Zika virusANT3376Request Info
Zika virusANT3377Request Info
Zika virusANT3379Request Info