InBios International, Inc.

Accurate, Innovative, High-Quality Diagnostics

InBios is a leading biotechnology company based in Seattle, Washington (USA). We specialize in the design, development, and manufacture of immunodiagnostic devices for infectious diseases. As such, we have specifically targeted those diseases that afflict tens of millions of people worldwide. We serve the global public marketplace by providing superior quality products that are accurate, easy to use and cost effective.

We have a competent and dedicated staff. Our team of scientists and engineers have over 30 years of expertise in developing and manufacturing in vitro diagnostic tests. InBios’ staff of scientists and engineers develop and manufacture high-quality, cost-effective, and accurate immunodiagnostic products. We have recruited a diverse, well-trained and highly educated group of dedicated professionals, which enables us to bring you reliable and practical solutions for challenging infectious disease diagnoses.

InBios has a long history of market leadership with a number of its products. We have a world-class technology development program. A number of our quality reagents have been licensed for research and emerging disease threat diagnostic applications. We have partnered with other private companies, federal laboratories and academia to bring our customers the best scientific solutions for their diagnostic needs.

We offer an impressive line of FDA cleared and USDA licensed products. All of our products are manufactured in the United States under rigorous quality control and performance validation procedures. Our facility is ISO 13485:2016 certified. All diagnostic products are manufactured under GMP, and most are CE Marked according to EC IVD Directive 98/79/EC.

InBios products are available in a variety of convenient formats. We continue to develop new products to complement our existing product range through Research and Development. We can assist you by providing an Analyte Specific Reagent or a custom-built assay through our Contract Manufacturing business unit. We also have the capability to rapidly scale-up production in response to public health emergencies.