Innovative Diagnostics for Public Health

InBios International develops and manufactures highly sensitive and specific immunodiagnostics for infectious diseases.

Our purpose is to serve the global marketplace with accurate, superior quality products that are easy to use and cost effective.

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New FDA Cleared Dengue NS1 ELISA!

DENV NS1 Final 340

InBios has received FDA Clearance for its DENV Detect™ NS1 ELISA kit. This assay is for the early detection of dengue virus NS1 antigen in human serum and is available now for in vitro diagnostic use in the United States.

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Conference Exhibitions

AACC, August 4-8, 2019, Anaheim, CA, Booth 4309

APHL, June 3-6, 2019, St. Louis, MO

ASM Biothreats, January 29-31, 2019, Arlington, VA, Booth 26

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