Innovative Diagnostics for Public Health

InBios International develops and manufactures highly sensitive and specific immunodiagnostics for infectious diseases.

Our purpose is to serve the global marketplace with accurate, superior quality products that are easy to use and cost effective. InBios’ products are backed by 20+ years of experience.

InBios Now Offers Reagents for Alphaviruses

With diseases like eastern equine encephalitis and chikungunya on the rise, InBios now offers a selection of antigens and antibodies for these and other alphavirus-related diseases. These reagents (for research use only) are ready for use in a variety of applications including ELISA, Western blot and rapid immunochromatogrpahic tests.

Zika   •   Chikungunya   •   Dengue   •   West Nile   •   Japanese Encephalitis   •   Scrub Typhus   •   Visceral Leishmaniasis   •   Cutaneous Leishmaniasis   •   Chagas   •   Filariasis   •   Strongyloides   •   Leptospirosis   •   Melioidosis   •   Norovirus