FDA Cleared for In Vitro Diagnostic Use 

The DENV DetectTM NS1 ELISA is for the early detection of Dengue virus (DENV) NS1 antigen in human serum. This test is for the presumptive clinical laboratory diagnosis of Dengue virus infection. This assay is intended for use in patients with clinical symptoms consistent with either dengue fever or dengue hemorrhagic fever. Samples collected from patients within seven (7) days after the onset of clinical symptoms should be evaluated with this assay (day 0 – day 7). Negative results obtained with this test do not preclude the diagnosis of dengue and should not be used as the sole basis for treatment or other patient management decision. This assay is not FDA cleared or approved for testing blood or plasma donors.

The complete kit includes one 96 well strippable plate with all necessary reagents and controls.

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